Sacramento Attic InsulationJHMorrow Re-insulated an 80 year home in Davis California. The job took three days and the outside temp ranged from 102 – 104 degrees. The first day we removed all of the old insulation. The current attic temp was 130 degrees while the house was 99 degrees inside. The second day we installed SPF in the attic. The attic was 125 degrees and inside was 95 degrees. The third day we installed an ignition barrier. The temp outside was 104, while the attic temp was only 89 degrees and the house was 90 degrees with no air conditioner assistance. It is estimated that 60% of home’s energy loss is out of its attic space. The main reason for this is due to air flow. When your attic is vented, it allows air flow into and out of your home. Hot air rises and it goes up to your attic then and out. With spray foam insulation we spray directly to your roof decking as seen in our picture. By spraying the roof decking, we make your attic space a non-vented conditioned living space. This an save you from 20% to 40% in energy costs.