Open- Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam

½ lb. Open-Cell SPF

½ lb. spray polyurethane foam insulation is an open-cell, two component, low density, water-blown system specifically designed for insulation applications. This technologically advanced, economical insulation system provides improved occupant comfort, a cleaner indoor environment, greater noise reduction and superior energy savings over conventional insulation systems. Unique Properties: ½ lb. spray polyurethane foam insulation expands 120:1 from its original liquid state, filling cracks, voids, crevices and building cavities to provide a climate controlled building environment. By mitigating airflow through and within walls (infiltration and ex-filtration), heat and cold transfer (also called thermal conductivity) moisture accumulation in the building materials are reducing the chance for mold and mildew to accumulate, populate grow It also minimizes the transfer of sound.

Stability: ½ lb. SPF will not settle, shrink, or deteriorate, and it is guaranteed to retain its R-value and noise-reduction qualities over the life of your home. Recommended Uses: ½ lb. insulation may-be used for residential, commercial or industrial structures. It can also be applied to the underside of roof decks to form conditioned attic, or in non-vented crawl spaces for greater energy savings. SPF is code supported, and JHMorrow highly experienced licensed SPF Contractor. Green: (environmentally Friendly) ½ lb. SPF is a green insulation product developed from natural resources, as well as a friendly blowing agent with zero Ozone Depletion.

  • SPF ½ lb. foam out performs fiber glass batting insulation by 3-4 times.
  • SPF ½ lb. foam makes an airtight seal by expanding in place.
  • SPF ½ lb. foam minimizes the transfer of sound. (Noise reduction)
  • SPF ½ lb. foam is the workhorse of all spray foam products.
  • SPF ½ lb. foam saves the environment and your wallet.
  • SPF ½ lb. foam allows applications for unvented attic spaces.
  • SPF ½ lb. foam is a partial airflow barrier, reducing dust and pollen.

Maximum Comfort: When designing your new home or renovating an existing one’s, it is important to think about the value of comfort and quality. There are several other insulation options, but only one that has the quality and high performance efficiency for your home.